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The Benefits Of The Ron Paul Movement


By Walt Copeland


I think one of the most beneficial aspects of "The Ron Paul Movement" is the effect it is having on the corporate media. (MSM)


The media puppet talking heads are being exposed for exactly what they are, media puppet talking heads. They are openly revealing the fact they have prostituted themselves right down to the same immoral level as the political whores they pimp and sell to the public.



Example: Rush Limbaugh referring to Ron Paul as a kook, nut-job, nuts on parade. Rush is scared that Ron Paul is going to destroy the Republican Party. We can only hope the Ron Paul Movement can destroy both the Republican and Democratic parties. They are two heads of the same beast.


Limbaugh's ignorance exposed: If Limbaugh is so intelligent then how can he not understand, China is all over the World implementing the exact foreign policy the "Founding Fathers" of the U.S.A. recommended. The very same foreign policy Ron Paul is promoting.

China is reaping the rewards of the most sensible foreign policy of all.


Is Limbaugh so egotistical that he thinks he is immune to the consequences of publicly insulting a person with Ron Paul's impeccable character. Maybe the use of drugs have clouded his judgment but the respect Limbaugh shows for Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters is the very same amount of respect society owes him.


Limbaugh has such little respect for the lives of fellow Americans or others that why and how we involve ourselves in conflict around the World has little relevance to him. The type of foreign policy people like Limbaugh advocate is INSANE!


Rush Limbaugh has exposed himself, plain and simple, a shill for the Military Industrial Complex. He is a ringer in the Washington politicians three card monte political game.


What has Limbaugh revealed? The revelation is, he is a over paid, narcissistic, disrespectful bag of hot air and cigar smoke. His only real talent is the ability to spread inaccurate information, half truths and lies.

Limbaugh will eventually have to start agreeing with Ron Paul or risk destroying his own fake credibility just as the Republican party is destroying itself. Of course Limbaugh will claim to have been a great Ron Paul supporter all along, That's his style.

That is what is so strong about the TRUTH. It rises above all and stands alone.

I'm wondering how it will play out.

When the media puppets like Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Michael Steel, Michelle Malkin. Bret Baier, just to name a few, have destroyed their own credibility trying to destroy the Ron Paul Movement and they are no longer of any use to their masters, how does that play out?

Yes the Ron Paul Movement can have many benefits.


The whole world is not blind, deaf and dumb.


In their effort to undermine and discredit Dr. Ron Paul and the Ron Paul Movement they are revealing to the whole world just how illegitimate, manipulated and fraudulent USA's democratic political process has become. Do they really think the rest of the world, especially the countries they try to bomb into democracy, are as unaware as USA's voters. The behavior of U.S. media is a major force pushing other countries into realizing the benefits of partnerships with China. And when USA's foreign aid money is worthless those same countries will turn their back on the USA. Then we will see true isolation.



The indicators are easy to detect.

When they refer to USA's political process as, the grand experiment of democracy, it is a tip off that they have an agenda.


The Founding Fathers of the "Constitutional Republic of The United States of America" were not playing around. They were not experimenting. They created a near perfect, fair and just form of government. Established for one reason and one reason only – to protect the freedom and liberty of it's citizens. A “Constitutional Republic”


We now know what the Founders meant when they advised it would be hard to keep and great vigilance would be required.


When they say:


The Constitution is a living document that needs to be updated from time to time.

It makes no difference who it is, politician, Supreme Court Judge, President, media talking head, whoever, as soon as they start talking against Ron Paul, Ron Paul supporters or the Constitution, you can be sure with out a doubt, they have an agenda, they are working for or supporting someone that has an agenda or they are too stupid to be taken seriously.

The U.S. Constitution does not become outdated with time. Anyone trying to convince people of that is not looking after the best interests of the U.S.A.

States Rights can take care of issues not covered by the U.S. Constitution.


When they question Electability.

When a person says Ron Paul is not electable that person is only admitting that presidential elections in the U.S. are not honest and legit.


Interesting how:


Ron Paul has been elected (by overwhelming margins) to Congress 11 times.


Donald Trump has never been elected for anything but claims Ron Paul is unelectable.


George Stephanopoulos has never been elected for any public office yet he claims Ron Paul winning the election will never happen.


So according to them, they know and admit the political process is rigged. Nothing more than a dictatorship with privately selected interchangeable figure heads.



Yes the Ron Paul Movement can have many benefits.


As you watch the video below, think about the similarities between how the establishment deals with the Ron Paul Movement and how they handle the Occupy Movement.






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